Sunday, July 18, 2010

Andhra Pradesh Bhavan Canteen , Ashok Road, New Delhi - 01

I am in lurrvvvv with this place... It's not really unknown to us but it's just excellent value for money... and therefore, I couldn't have managed without acknowledging the ever favorite Andhra Bhawan Canteen (ABC) at New Delhi's Ashok Road.

BREAKFAST - served between 0730 and 1000

Fixed meal
1 Idly, 1 Vada, 1 Masala Dosa/MLA Pesarattu

Freebies = Sambar, Coconut chutney, Gun powder, Ghee, Coffee/Tea.

What an absolute delight while driving to your office in Noida... The Andhra Bhawan falls on our way and we had been planning to stop here for at least a year now!

Finally, after planning it correctly, we left home at 9 am last wednesday and voila! were there at ABC at 0940 - just in time! ;)

You need to just take tokens from the cash counter and commence your morning gastronomic adventure....

They start with one idly and one vada! Now what's so special in that?! We have all visited Sagar Ratna, Adyar Ananda Bhawan, Saravana Bhawan, Malgudi and what not of the south indian joints BUT ABC makes the BEST IDLY IN TOWN!

YOU have to go and eat it to believe it... it's soft, melts in the mouth, a little salty and ah-what-a-delight but ohh-just-one-serving! :(

Vada is nice too but I am not one of those vada guys :)

After this platter, arrived the MLA Pesarattu - it is a dosa like pancake made of moong dal and not rice so a little crispier and tighter and guess what, It was filled with upma!!

Now why is it called MLA Pesarattu?! You find many explanations online, the one I like the best goes-- it was invented for the always hurrying assembly members of Hyderabad and hence the name M.L.A Pesarattu! And why was it filled with UPMA :O that I am still trying to decipher...

Anyway, like everytime THE FREEBIES were OH WOW! ABS undoubtedly serves the best sambhar i have had till date, the coconut chutney is good but the tomato+garlic chutney is superb! You've gotta go there ASAP...

After filling us up, as we were about to move - the waiter came and hurriedly asked TEA aar Kaafi? AMazing - we still had another round of freebies left?
Now that's called going BEYOND value for money!

We had filter coffees that was better than the coffee we get at Barista! Imagine- all this for a total of Guess what 300? 450?? 650???? NOPE!!!!!! A HUNDRED RUPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes - they charge you 50 bucks per head for the fixed breakfast!

Is it value for money ?? I don't think so - This is going Beyond just value for money.... the next time, you never know the ABC guys pay you for having a meal there ;)

All in all a very pleasant experience and worth a visit - once a month :D

Food ****
Hygiene ***
Parking * PROBLEM if you don't have a driver!

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