Friday, February 12, 2010

Break Fast Point, Prashant Vihar, Rohini

This goes out to all those that either have been to Amritsar and have relished the Amritsari Kulche with chhole and imli chutney or have atleast heard about, from their folks, this great "sunday" special treat, an Amrtisari delicacy !!

Amritsari Kulche, the ones that are sold almost everywhere in Delhi, are not even close to the original version!
What one gets here are essentially butter smeared, super heavy aaloo stuffed naan, omnipresent in the city, at road side shacks or some fine dine restaurants.. People relish the not-so-authentic Amristsari kulche with such a patronizing spirit that they've gotten accustomed to the very wrong version of the original delicacy and are often found suggesting it to others...

WAKE UP ALL THOSE GUYS who do not know what Amritsare Kulchas are all about and visit Breakfast Point at Prashant Vihar....

The guy is an Amritsari sanguinely and genetically and has been offering these absolutely delightful kulchas to the lucky people of Chander Nagar, Trans Yamuna, eastern side of the city for over a decade now... He has opened other outlets at Model Town and Rohini (Prashant Vihar) sometime back and has been doing pretty well, obviously!

The shop at Prashant Vihar, where I have been atleast thrice, is a small 200 sq ft area that has a tandoor outside besides a big crowd waiting to be seated almost everytime I have seen!

Anyway... this sunday we went in a group of 11 people, from all parts of the city... specially to this far flung breakfast joint errr.. Point... and ordered our much awaited kulche after a loathsome wait of around half an hour... as soon as you see the plates arriving, all the anguishes disappear... the drive, the wait, the sun (it's a non ac place), everydamn thing is paid for by the amazing kulche that are served to you!

Like most of the Punjabi food "items", these too arrive with freebies that include chopped onions, imli (tamarind) chutney and finely chopped fresh coriander... The kulchas, though are too heavy, full of butter and made of absolutely carbo filled white flour, melt in your mouth like salt mixes in warm water! and they hit the foodie G-Spot in a matter of seconds! The chhole are all right... not something to die for... but they come with those amazing kulche so they rather enjoy the unnecessary attention given to them!

One has a choice of wrapping the ahh so good sunday treat with lassi... I couldn't think of it, as I lacked the tummy space to accommodate anything else :)

Whatever be the case... The place deserves all the hardwork.... is totally worth a visit... maybe a couple of visits... in a month ;)

Strictly not recommended for people who are either on diet or are planning to resume/start one ;)

For all those who have been to Amritsar and have had the kulche at Chungi, Breakfast Point is way ahead in quality, taste, smell and everything, except for the ambiance and the pathos and ethos of being in Amritsar!!!

Price for two - Rs. 100 (50 per plate)

Flavor - ****
Quality- ****
Hygiene- ***.5
Service- ***



  1. nice!!! i feel like goin already... take me along surely the next time u plan to go!!!

  2. u`ve written that they have an outlet in Model Town as well. Its by the name of Breakfast point only or some other name??

  3. Hello Shail!!!

    It must be with the same name... there Business Card has the three locations....
    Call them up and confirm 9810080082 .... Worth a visit for sure...


  4. thnx archie..
    do we hae nice PURE VEG rest. in delhi?

  5. There is - Go to Suruchi at Karol Bagh for gujarati/marwari
    or Go to Kachoree Jodhpuree at Tilak Nagar
    or Adyar Ananda Bhawan at Jail Road/Fateh Nagar or Green Park....

    For a lot of options at one place - Udupi at Munirka DDA Flats


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