Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Wish you all a very happy, healthy, fruitful and peaceful new year 2010. God Bless!

Friday, December 25, 2009

I am Back!!

Hey everyone!!
I am back, not from Ludhiana, but from Jaipur ;) yeah yeah..
It's not that I went to Jaipur from Ludhiana, but came back home for a day between the two trips...

Ludhiana is a great place to be, just a smaller version of Delhi (I mean... not really! but close to a version of Delhi) Jaipur is a distant dream when it comes to the roads and lifestyle.... That's what I could surmise with the help of my two day visit.... Anyway... Will surely put many pics soon...

Good luck for the new year! (6 more days to go) It's so unbelievable that another year of our lives has just moved on.... I tell you.. Time is a b*&#h!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Going to Ludhiana tomorrow!

Sooo happy !!!!

That's about it :)

Haha... Let's begin with Kake Da Hotel, CP

I know I had planned to start my food section with Toast Bar & Grill, before I visited Kake da Hotel last night, absolutely randomly!

I met my favorite cousin yesterday, after quite some time, (8 days on the dot) and he were to drop me at a metro station... from the new NOIDA station to the old Rajouri Garden was the route!
we obviously started talking about the world and kept postponing my metro drop till the next stations... IP , Pragati Maidan, then.. finally thought of chucking the idea of the metro (for the time being) and went to CP

Now the Kake da Hotel (KDH) and National are world famous spots! and both my cousin and I hadn't been to either for 2 yrs, and bang... we were in front of KDH...

In the midst of some of our very important, some absolutely meaningless and some business talks, we ordered chicken tikka (my favorite) and fish tikka (another favorite, seasonally you know). My cousin is happy in whatever he eats! and I am always thinking about the next item (food ;0)

Because we ordered some stuff that people hardly ask for, the waiter was looking at us in a funny manner... but whatever.. the tikkas arrived and in 5 minutes they were gone... oooh.. and i forgot to tell you that as soon as you sit, they get you the freebies! The onions (with loads of masala) and the mint chutney (a la Punjabi shtyle), we gulped down 3 plates of the freebies before the tikkas arrived! and another plate with the tikkas... oh man! what a meal..

Fish tikka was goooood... but not as good as the one you get at Paramjeet Machhi wala (located at Moti Nagar, and would follow later sometime) Priced at 120 bucks for 6 dices of fish, it was amazing!!!

Chicken tikka on the other hand, now I remember the waiter's funny look, was not nicely done. It wasn't properly cooked, was pinkish in color, and had a lot of punjabi massaala on top! I would not recommend anybody the chicken tikka at KDH. I guess it was priced at a decent 100.

Though it took us 5 minutes to devour this all, we were ready to order our MAIN COURSE, typical North Indian (Home cooked style), made in pure desi ghee, full of fat, KDH special Keema Kaleji and chicken CURRY besides plain tandoori roti and not butter roti, just to save on the fat ;)

Keema Kaleji was okay... I mean.. I am not a connoisseur of mutton dishes, but I particularly did not like the Keema kaleji a lot.. It was kinda bland, full of fat (OMG) and didn't taste anything special in front of the Chicken Curry, which by the way was superb!

Chicken curry tasted yummy, one big piece of chicken, rich and soft! with a plate full of gravy... aahh! bliss!

One can ask for extra curry/gravy, if need be and you'll be surprised how they get you the curry in less than a minute, a plate brimming with the extra curry, with extra fat, extra ghee (purified butter) , extra etc. etc.

The tandoori rotis were well done! no problem at all... It's sometimes hard to enjoy food with rather uncooked tandoori rotis or paranthas. Wasn't a trouble at KDH.
Took us some time to finish up the food while we could hear a group of 4-5 men (not from Delhi and most of them drunk) yell, burp, laugh, fight, abuse, quite clearly! They ordered 2 palak paneers, 1 matar paneer, 1 daal, some rotis and nothing non-vegetarian... One guy was yelling at another why did you take us to this place when we are all vegetarians...
The other guy replied "Yaar, this is 60% non veg and 40% veg" hehe... both my cousin and I smiled :)

All this while we still enjoyed the freebies (onion and chutney)
Now was the time to pay and go back! The bill in total came out to be a 435! Excellent... I mean for a place in the middle of New Delhi's downtown, a dinner with tikkas, mutton keema, chicken curry, mineral water bottle etc. cost only Rs. 435... Too good!!!

I didn't pay of course :) Just heard the bill and smiled again...

After eating so much believe me it was hard to even walk! anyway... we sat in my cousin's car and I thought of taking a bus (oh yeah) back home...

The weather in December is amazing and I am ready to try out DTC / Blue Line buses during winters. My cousin said he'd drop me at a bus station, as soon as we see a bus going toward my home's direction... It's not that we could not really find a bus on our way, but my cousin kind of refused to drop me anywhere but my home...
He stays at a distance of about 18 km from my home and my home doesn't fall on his way at all... but i guess... being the younger cousin helps a lot ;)

and we were back home! after eating so much, talking a lot and enjoying an unplanned , absolutely out of the blue dinner at KDH.

By the way... Pics will follow!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

before anything else... the GMAT update

I took the GMAT last tuesday, after a month long preparation or so...
Wasn't anything great... scored a 650 ! verbal took a toll! Planning to retake it some time soon..

Got my AWA scores today... 5.5 on a 6... that is such an ego booster..... but the irony is that the AWA score doesn't really matter!

For all of you who do not know what I am talking about... check (one's one-stop guide to the GMAT)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Day enthusiasm

Here comes another post... for all the first day enthusiasm is showing its effects.... anyway.. before it fades away...

>> My very close friend is leaving New Delhi tomorrow as her school reopens after a two month internship in Delhi. I am not particularly happy (obviously) but not disheartened because I know it's good for her! It's good for me to learn that your folks do leave you. sometimes forever, This is life and each day is a new lesson!

I miss all my friends who've gone to their respective directions. Nothing stays forever... Not would you nor would I... but whatever ! rejoice that we were born as humans... well! some people really need to recall that they were!!

Travel travel and More travel....

This blog is essentially going to talk about travel and food, since they are the reasons for my living.
I was born an Aquarian, probably that's what makes me a jovial, adventurous and outgoing person at heart. Whatever it is, I love being myself and meeting new people wherever I go!

Sometimes I feel, (recall the movie Chocolat, if you've seen it), I am not attached to any place! and I need to move on with the new breeze every week or every other day or every month. It does sound weird, I understand... But that's how it feels deep within..

I have been to quite a few places around the world... I am 22 (that's not old!) and have seen about half a score of countries, before I am 30, I would like the number to cross a score, for sure!!

Food, aah... I love it!
My first Blog Post!!

I don't know whether I am excited, but I really wanted to write a blog since long...

So better late than never...
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